One of my long time favorite websites to visit when I need a laugh is The Onion. If you’ve somehow missed it, apparently by not being on the internet in the last few years (which makes me wonder how you even found this blog in the first place) it’s sort of The Daily Show of the internet.

Anyway, while I was living in Argentina, I began noticing a newspaper floating called Barcelona, popping up in the hands of youngish people (I’m 35 and consider myself youngish) on the subway. The tagline below the masthead read: “Una solución europea para los problems de los argentinos.” A European solution for the problems of the Argentines. It seemed like an odd thing to put on the cover of a paper.

Then I noticed that the readers were almost always smiling, and sometimes laughing hysterically while reading it, and I finally realized that the Onion, or at least something like it, had come to Argentina. Unfortunately, I found it difficult to understand at first. Humor, especially when it relies on wordplay and cultural context, can be difficult to understand, going way beyond the typical meanings of words and phrases.

Even now after several years of studying, I don’t always get the stories in Barcelona, but I’m pretty satisfied if I can read something and get a true laugh out of it. Here’s a short video they put up on their YouTube channel. You can find Barcelona here.

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