We get quite a few questions about Skype Spanish classes for children. If you’re in a hurry, and just wondering if children can take Spanish classes via Skype, the answer is “Yes!” You can sign your children up for a free trial class by going here. If you want more details, keep reading.

At what age can children take Spanish classes via Skype? We get this question a lot and, as any parent would guess, we start by answering “It depends on the child.”

Do they know any Spanish? What is their exposure to it? Do you think your child will be comfortable sitting and talking for 25 minutes?

It’s good to ask these questions, but the true test is to have your child try one of our first free classes, and see if he or she is ready.

What will the classes be like?

Classes for children ages 3 to 7 years old are fun, with lots of images, songs and very animated teachers. The children start by learning phrases, colors, numbers and other basics. Over time they build these into conversations. Everything is learned through imagery and fun, with experienced teachers.

Our teachers use an integrated method of learning language in context. Learning colors or numbers is great, but without context the information rarely sticks. It’s quite dull to memorize a list of color names. In our classes kids have fun learning how to say the name of their favorite color, and the colors of their cat, shirt, eyes, etc. in Spanish.

Once children realize they can express themselves in another language, the spark is ignited and they absorb Spanish like a sponge.

If the child is under the age of 12, we recommend shorter sessions. LOI Spanish offers 25 minute Spanish lessons or 55 minute Spanish lessons. The 25 minute classes work much better for children.

One of the best parts of supplementing your child’s education at home is that you can introduce him or her to any subject or level without the restraints of a grade or age.

If your child is ready to learn a second language or shows an interest in other languages and cultures, give LOI Spanish a try. The first class is free and if your child doesn’t seem interested or have the attention span then you can try when they are a little older, without any strings attached. Also, we’re really flexible – you choose the day, time and teacher for each class, and can take classes as often as you like.

Do you have more questions about our classes for children? Let us know in comments and we’ll respond.

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